Return to Nature will involve an exhibition of artworks created by an eclectic mix of talented artists who have been commissioned to create installations and interactive art pieces. The natural world being their main source of inspiration, these artists’ creations will form an environmental art trail through the woodlands. 


The artists involved in Return to Nature include:


Richard Shilling

Richard is an ephemeral and nature artist, photographer, film-maker and writer. His work is an exploration of nature and an expression of his quest for deep nature connection through exploring different environments around the globe and constructing unique land art sculptures using nature's myriad of materials.


Glenn Anderson

Places, adventures, discovery, and the five + sensory emotions. These experiences are caught and manifest themselves in strange ways and the human amplifier needs to do something with that energy in positive ways. In and out of obsession, collecting random bits, from old love letters to piano parts. Dissecting and constructing. Biro drawings to aerosol to planks of weathered wood and rusted nails. He can’t put his finger on it, if he could then maybe the light would go out.


Stephanie Tudor

Stephanie is visual artist focused on exploring the symbiotic relationship between humans and the landscape. Driven to re-connect people with our natural world through engaging forms and unexpected use of materials, she creates work responding to our rapidly changing environment to generate connection and emotional response. Reflecting the landscape around her, she works with natural and found materials wherever possible, combining material and process with sensitivity and ingenuity.

Stephanie Tudor- Wandering Rocks.jpg

Nikki Sheth

Nikki is a sound artist currently pursuing a PhD in Electroacoustic Composition at UoB investigating the treatment of field recordings within soundscape composition, electroacoustic music and sound art contexts.


David checkley

David is a multimedia artist, utilising upcycled and vintage technologies. His influences and skills stem from technical theatre and set design, trained in traditional skill sets and materials.  Aspects of his work involve elements of play, interaction and the unexpected, his  inspiration drawn from urban dereliction, dystopia and nature’s mechanisms.

david checkley.jpg

Sophie handy

Sophie is a 3D visual artist and maker with a penchant for detail. Inspired by signs and materials, she seeks to create shapes and patterns with relevance and personal significance. She uses a variety of materials and has created outdoor pieces for private and public commissions.

disco edit.jpg

Sarah Leigh

Sarah Leigh is a Birmingham based textile artist, working primarily with the medium of Feltmaking. Inspired by natural forms and textures, she produces sculptural art and tactile lighting. When she’s not up to her elbows in wool and soapy water, she’s often to be found hugging, climbing or photographing trees.

sarah leigh.jpg

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is a Birmingham based artist and creator of fantastical, imaginative and delightfully unusual creations. He draws inspiration from various ancient myths, folklore and interesting stories. Tom explores his style continuously, to push it further by experimenting with interesting foraged materials and collaborating with inspiring people.

tom ellis.PNG

John Lucy

John is a new media designer pursuing a MArch in Design for Performance and Interaction at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Work includes interactive projections, artworks realised through industrial robotics, kinetic motorised installations and real-time audio-reactive visuals.


Patricia crummay

Nature and politics have always been key players in Patricia’s work. Early installation contributions to an exhibition based on H. Ridder Haggard’s, ‘She’. Photographic collections include a response to the 2008 banking collapse and the ‘green noose’. Patricia is the recent co-founder of PlayGROUND - Art and Environment, Connecting People.

p crummay.jpg